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Green Fruit Beetle Grub
BUGS. Monsters on earth, or in this case in earth. While digging my garden to prepare for tomato transplants I unearthed 6 monster worms that quite frankly scared me. Seemed like they could eat a lot of stuff with their jaws. Usually I squish all grub-looking things in the garden, but since I have tried to go as organic as possible I wanted to be sure what I was dealing with.

See, I bury my leaves directly in the garden soil. I noticed that the soil was broken down quite well, more than I expected. After finding the coolest bug web site I discovered what I had were native Green Fruit Beetle Grubs, soon to be metallic green scarab beetles. What they do is eat rotten decaying matter. So, I moved them to new “digs,” the compost heap.

See, these grubs were doing what they do. Now the compost will brake down even faster thanks to them. Check out and learn about bugs in your yard. Not all are bad, some are great to have around. Imagine my horror when a friend of ours was ready to spray their tomato plants because they were full of little green flying bugs. They were Lacewings which eat aphids and other bugs you don’t want on your plants. Know your bugs and share your earth!

6 Responses to “monster”

  1. Christine Lim Simpson Says:

    Great illo. So real that it made me skin crawl! Some bug are indeed very important to plants. Earthworms and centipedes are supposed to be useful?

  2. stp-illustraton Says:

    Great drawing!

  3. Carol Says:

    this is, scary. to me. and yet..cute? lol great job!

  4. Willie Says:

    But they make great fish bait!!

  5. Lauren Says:

    Great idea for Monster. I like the value in the pencil drawing

  6. Bron Smith Says:

    Nice pencil drawing…you’re very good at pencil drawing. You’re right…when magnified, bugs ore earth’s true monsters.

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