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Praying Mantis
These insects are near and dear to me, for many reasons. Mostly because they DO look at you when you look at them, and there is something about that alien face that scares the heck out of most people.

And now for some bug history: You see, I am bug girl, always have been and always will be. When I was little I would read about a beetle or spider and the next day find it and keep it for a while in a jar for observation, eventually letting it go. When I was in the 2nd grade, I caught a praying mantis. It even made a trip to school. I brought it home and I tried to grab it out of the “bug ball” to release it when it reached back and grabbed a hold of my finger, NEVER to let go. Mom got it off, (sorry mantis, I never meant to hurt you!) and it was the last time I took a bug for granted.

Recently my nephew has discovered them, his Dad finds huge ones where he works during the summer and brings them home. My nephew wanted to pick it up, so my Sister told him to call me and ask about the “big green bug that pinched me.” Hopefully he learned from my story. He named the mantis Ricka in my honor, then let it go in the garden.

5 Responses to “Insect”

  1. Cindy Says:

    How nice to meet another bug girl! I am one, too, and mantids are my favorite as well. That’s a great little nymph you’ve drawn. It’s funny how those tiny black dots in their eyes give their whole face a personality, and make it seem like they are communicating with us.

  2. Tiffini Elektra X Says:

    Your drawings are wonderful! And I loved your story along with it! Fabulous!

  3. Blue Pencil Says:

    Very cool!! Great shading!

  4. Oneye Says:

    Insects are interesting creatures to draw and you have drawn one very well… nice work!

  5. Debra Cooper Says:

    This is really good, love the expression.

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