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May 5th, 2006

A detail of a self promo piece, I call him the Buddha Frog.
Gouache on illustration board.


April 27th, 2006

I have missed a few Illustration Fridays because of the fact I had to get my illustration ready for my Directory of Illustration 23 ad.
AND I am showing at a local art league’s show (Arizona Art Alliance) here in town and getting that all put together.

So, this is a sketch I did about a year ago at a pioneer village outside of town. This was a piece of machinery left over from days gone by for what I don’t know. They were outside the carpenter’s shop so I am sure something to to with wood. Thought it looked almost human, and probably one of the first “robots” in service.


April 5th, 2006

La Dama
And now for something completely different…

This is one of the pieces I did for the Scottsdale Artists’ League Plein Air Paintout for the month of March. We had our big sale last weekend, and I sold three of my six paintings. This one named “Garden Goddess” is of one the sculptures by artist Manolo Valdés, a huge head over 10 feet tall placed in the wildflower garden area titled “La Dama.” This particular piece by Valdés was also displayed on Park Avenue in 2002.

The Desert Botanical Garden has a photo on their web site from the home page follow the link titled “Manolo Valdés Sculpture in the Gardens.” Papago Park is in the background. I have always felt that Papago looks like many faces carved into the rock and dirt, so the sculpture juxtaposed with the rocks really intrigued me. Luckily I scanned the paintings before the sale, because this one is now in a private collection!


March 29th, 2006

Green Fruit Beetle Grub
BUGS. Monsters on earth, or in this case in earth. While digging my garden to prepare for tomato transplants I unearthed 6 monster worms that quite frankly scared me. Seemed like they could eat a lot of stuff with their jaws. Usually I squish all grub-looking things in the garden, but since I have tried to go as organic as possible I wanted to be sure what I was dealing with.

See, I bury my leaves directly in the garden soil. I noticed that the soil was broken down quite well, more than I expected. After finding the coolest bug web site I discovered what I had were native Green Fruit Beetle Grubs, soon to be metallic green scarab beetles. What they do is eat rotten decaying matter. So, I moved them to new “digs,” the compost heap.

See, these grubs were doing what they do. Now the compost will brake down even faster thanks to them. Check out and learn about bugs in your yard. Not all are bad, some are great to have around. Imagine my horror when a friend of ours was ready to spray their tomato plants because they were full of little green flying bugs. They were Lacewings which eat aphids and other bugs you don’t want on your plants. Know your bugs and share your earth!


March 23rd, 2006

wedding feet
A picture of our feet on our wedding day. I gave my hubby a toe ring a couple of weeks before our wedding. I already had a toe ring, long before they became so popular. And these are the real deals, a complete band. Because we were married in our bare feet, seemed only fitting to take a photo to capture the moment. Notice the “Teva Tans” from our sandals.


March 16th, 2006

Dad’s tattoo
This is what I can remember my Dad’s tattoo looking like. My Dad was a husband, father of two girls, and a baby clothes salesman who just happened to own a Harley. He got the tattoo from the next door neighbor named Gypsy, a wondering Harley Davidson tattoo artist partyer. These two souls collided one night over many beers and BAM! My Dad was the proud owner of a tattoo.

It was supposed to have his name on it. But for some reason, that did not happen. Must have been that last beer. So for my illustration, I put his name on it for him. Love you Dad!


March 9th, 2006

Praying Mantis
These insects are near and dear to me, for many reasons. Mostly because they DO look at you when you look at them, and there is something about that alien face that scares the heck out of most people.

And now for some bug history: You see, I am bug girl, always have been and always will be. When I was little I would read about a beetle or spider and the next day find it and keep it for a while in a jar for observation, eventually letting it go. When I was in the 2nd grade, I caught a praying mantis. It even made a trip to school. I brought it home and I tried to grab it out of the “bug ball” to release it when it reached back and grabbed a hold of my finger, NEVER to let go. Mom got it off, (sorry mantis, I never meant to hurt you!) and it was the last time I took a bug for granted.

Recently my nephew has discovered them, his Dad finds huge ones where he works during the summer and brings them home. My nephew wanted to pick it up, so my Sister told him to call me and ask about the “big green bug that pinched me.” Hopefully he learned from my story. He named the mantis Ricka in my honor, then let it go in the garden.


March 2nd, 2006

Tea for Two
“A cup of tea, for me, and you-hoo-hoo!”


February 24th, 2006

ryan guitar
Ryan’s guitar, I love to hear him play.


February 16th, 2006

simple love
A Valentine for my sweetheart.


February 9th, 2006

chair for Grace
I picked up these tiny chairs at a yard sale. Only 16 inches high, and molded from one piece of plywood. “Chair” seemed like a simple subject, but it proved tricky for myself. Perspective is always harder than it looks!


February 1st, 2006

My glamourous Mom
My Mom, the most glamourous woman I know. Circa early 1960s


January 25th, 2006

Hairum and Scareum
Two of my father and mother in-law’s “farm cats” named Hairum (bottom) and Scareum (top). Still kittens, laying in the warm sun on a beautiful November day.

E is for Equality

January 19th, 2006

Viola Liuzzo
On MLK Day, some friends of ours had us over for a Birthday BBQ. They had a pack of Civil Rights Movement “photo cards” with stories on the back. One caught my eye, and my illustration is based off the card, a simple family photo. Martin Luther King once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” The following copy is from the card, copyright of Library of Congress:

Viola Liuzzo, 1926-1965
Mother of five children and wife of a Detroit Teamster official, Viola Liuzzo might have appeared to be a “typical” homemaker, but as a part-time student at Wayne State University she had already participated in civil rights protests. In 1965, she saw the televised attack by state troopers on the peaceful marchers heading from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to petition for African American voting rights. Liuzzo felt compelled to drive her green Oldsmobile for three straight days to join the demonstration. On March 25, as a new group of marchers reached Montgomery and she was ferrying demonstrators back to Selma, she was chased at nearly 100 mph by Ku Klux Klansmen who shot her twice in the face. “My wife died for a sacred battle, the rights of humanity,” her husband said. “She took a quote from Abraham Lincoln that all men are created equal and that’s the way she believed.”